This group of devices are proposed to enhance the quality of tap water by fast and efficient purification in homes and small commercial buildings. Mini Aquamat is designed in such way that it’s installation, replacement or removal requires no prior technical skills. Connection is designed for easy connection to existing tap.


Mini Aquamat

This devise removes residual chlorine, particulate matter and more than 60% iron, organic matter and other micro pollutants from tap water.
When the tap water is used for washing dishes, the filter is removed from the tap in order to prolong its life span.

The filter is connected as shown in the picture.

Gently flush the water through the filter until the water becomes clear, without carbon particles (for about 1 minute). The filtered water is than ready for drinking.

Expiration date:
500 liters of purified water or 3 months since commissioning. After this time, the filter needs to be replaced.