EnviroTech has developed the design and production of the chlorinator to disinfect the water in flow conditions by chlorination using Na-hypochlorite. Also, devices are developed for dosing other chemicals (hydrogen peroxide, antiscalants, biocides, coagulants and others).


Dosing pumps for chemicals - chlorinators

Booster pumps in the flow of water are dosing chemicals that are necessary for proposed chemical reactions. Dosing pump vital parts are made of inert materials that are resistant to all kinds of oxidizing agents, as well as for wide pH range. Combined in a system with pulse meter or chlorine analyzer, dosing pumps are used for the chlorination of drinking water.

Great assortment of dosing pumps

Vital parts of the dosing pump (diaphragm and valves)
are made of stainless steel or high resistant plastics.
We install dosing pumps of the highest quality
manufactured by:



Water chlorination systems

Chlorination of drinking water in a continuous flow is performed by dosing pumps and water meters with pulse conditioning systems with or without water collection reservoir.