This type of filters work on the next principle: Physico-chemical adsorption of organic and inorganic substances from raw water is being done on a specially prepared activated carbon fillings.
The adsorption of dissolved organic substances, pesticides, phenols, ammonia ions, heavy metals and other substances is carried out in a flow system. These devices remove residual chlorine from the water by the principle of catalytic conversion of active chlorine to chloride anion.
Adsorbers are available with automatic and manual controls of service and backwashing regimes.


Adsorbers with activated carbon for the treatment of alcohol

Company "EnviroTech" has developed special adsorber with activated carbon designed for producers of alcoholic beverages and cleaning liquids. In particular, the adsorbers have been developed for the treatment of a solution of the raw alcohol from molasses, or cereals in order to eliminate unpleasant odor and flavor of an alcoholic solution.