This group of devices is used to enhance the quality of tap water and for fast and efficient purification of drinking water in homes and small commercial buildings. Merlin is designed in such way that it’s installation, replacement or removal requires no prior technical skills. Connections are adjusted so they can easily be connected to existing installations.



Merlin is a product of the American company Osmonics. It is based on the RO membranes, specifically developed for the operation at low pressures. Important advantages of Merlin compared to conventional RO devices are:

• Compact design significantly reduces the possibilities of leakage, cracking and possible flooding in the area in which it is located,

• High production of purified water (permeate) will eliminate a need for different reservoirs, which generally always create difficult problems with microbiology,

• High permeate production of about 50 L/h at low pressures eliminates the need for booster pumps, transformers and rectifiers, switches low and high pressures and power supply, which contributes to the exceptional reliability of the device,

• Utilization of the water is up to 30%, while in the conventional system with a permeate storage tanks does not exceeds 5%.