Device for arsenic removal
installed in Sremska Rača,
capacity of 2.5 L/s.

These types of devices are designed on the principle of physico-chemical adsorption of trivalent As(III) and pentovalent arsenic(V) onto hidrated Fe-OH. The adsorption of arsenic and heavy metals is performed in a flow system. Facilities with this adsorbent are intended for drinking water factories and producers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as for wastewater and leachate water treatment. Besides the above stated applications, these devices successfully remove phosphorus in the processes of drinking water preparation as well as wastewater treatment and natural and artificial water accumulation treatment.

Since the saturated active adsorbent is not regenerable it is being disposed to a landfill or in the natural environment such as field or forest.

The devices are made with manual or automatic adsorbent backwash control.